New Years Goals ….month 1!

So, come on, how many of you, like me wrote some goals/plans down for this year, and either haven’t looked at them since or worse still haven’t thought about them since writing? On the plus side you wouldn’t be alone, in fact you will be in good company. According to the journal of clinical psychology only … Continue reading

Creating a personal development plan

I was speaking on Monday at the PA LIfe summit in London on the subject of personal development, and it struck me how many lovely ladies who are so successful in the jobs that they do struggle with  other areas of their life unnecessarily. Personal development has  become a huge area of interest for people. I think this is down in part, to the frustration we … Continue reading

Are you ready to lose weight?

“Interview with Ros Astaire from Weight Expectations” We have reached the moon, managed to solve countless quantum physics problems, yet weight loss is a subject that is a mystery to a lot of us and what has been written about it could fill the Albert Hall!! Which is why I enjoyed chatting to Ros , an expert in weight … Continue reading

A Truly Inspirational Publication!

A Truly Inspirational Publication!

A Truly Inspirational Publication! “If Audrey Hepburn started a magazine it would be Darling” These days getting investors to back an idea is very difficult, getting anyone to believe in yet another woman’s magazine I would have thought near to impossible! However this team of truly inspirational women have managed to raise funds on Kickstarter … Continue reading

I said yes but I meant no!

As a mother of 3 children I should have had plenty of practise at saying NO! Yet for a word that has been said at least 10,000 times, I seem to still get caught out sometimes, we have a lot to learn from this little one!! So why is it so hard to say No when we really want … Continue reading

Taking Action

Taking Action

I have been accused of being too positive, which I have classically always taken as a positive!! It’s true that it’s no use ignoring the weeds in the garden as they will take over if you let them, but equally we must be brave enough to take action and make life happen if we really want change. Part … Continue reading