I am 40. am I too old to?

Hell No !!  40 is now the new 30 for sure! I remember being in my twenties and older relatives in their 40’s and 50’s saying they definitely didn’t feel their age, quietly thinking to myself that they seemed in their 40’ and 50’s to me!!

Now that I am a grown up, I can honestly say that there is a real strength in having some life lessons under your belt, and the experience to know when you should push on through and when you need to quit! The best bit is you have less to prove and have more confidence to be who you are.
Things I don’t want to do anymore:
1) Dance all night in a club, (actually never really did enjoy that anyway!)
2) Wear ridiculously high shoes, that is an age thing I have to say, much prefer comfort!!
3) Drink and party hard, was never much good at that either in my 20’s !!
4) Answer to someone else
Things I love to do and can!
1) Take on new experiences and enjoy the thrill
2) Go home early on a night out if I am tired
3) Wear comfy shoes and track suit bottoms
4) Only spend an hour sunbathing and read for ages
5) Make my own decisions about time
Life is really quite funny. As you get to find out who you are, become comfortable in your own skin, your looks start to fade and so the outer beauty evolves into something so much stronger and more meaningful.
There should be nothing you feel you cant do, I should know, I won 3 gold medals in my 40’s, and started a business at 47, I don’t say this to be bold, merely that we must stand guard against the “I can’t do that” in our lives and I truly believe with passion and the first step anything is possible!

2 thoughts on “I am 40. am I too old to?

    • Thanks for your comment, and you are very right. There are a million stories of people who have achieved amazing things because they weren’t aware that it wasn’t meant to be possible. Keeping really active and trying new things definitely works for me.

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