A personal journey, tears, tantrums and tiaras!

We launched “Id love to do that” in January this year or probably more poignantly I launched it working with an idea, a landing page and a telephone. The ridiculous highs and lows in the last 5 months have been amazing and we are still babies in the very big world of the internet.

I’m sure like me you at some point you have either longed to have your own business or indeed already do, along with the promise of a flexible working life offering fulfillment, some freedom and a healthy income. Mmmmmm!!! The picture we seem to have in our head is a little different from the reality! This is not my first business, so I have not been totally taken by surprise but there are always lots of new pleasant, and unpleasant surprises. !

I thought it might be fun to document my success’ and failings along the way so that at least you can perhaps learn from some of my silly mistakes and perhaps laugh at the ones you have already made. Hopefully you will also enjoy the success’ too!!

Having now progressed from picking courses I would love to do, I now have a fantastic small team that get to look for courses in London and elsewhere. All good, we have grown from 70 to over 400 courses. With a great web site I will be able to extract any data that I put in right? Um “no” said the developer, “unless we build that ability for you”, “but I have all the data on the site so surely I can access it”, “mm technically yes”, but no! Nothing that a whole chunk of money wont solve, back I go to the bank!

As an ex athlete If you were to ask me how best to prepare to compete, I would start at the beginning of a training plan, avoiding injuries, with every training session building on the next to eventual success. I wouldn’t suggest you run out buy new trainers and all the kit, then wear a watch so you can time your sessions but not record anything!! Why is it that web developers seem to only think through the basics on their trendy “wire frames” ( 1 of a plethora of techy words which now rolls of my tongue) and not walk through the whole story.

Imagine if as mothers we had no plan past the newborn stage, “Wow what do we do now they are mobile??” Not saying its just blokes, but it mainly is and they seem to stare at you blankly when you suggest you thought they might have thought this through past newborn.!!

We are in the process of fund raising at the moment, its a whole other world to me, where the language might as well be Chinese, but motivation and hunger! is a great learning aid and I have learnt a lot over the last 3 months. I could fill a book in being beaten up verbally, made to look about 1 inch tall and of people who are extraordinary in helping for nothing.

Check out my next tears, tantrums and tiaras next time to hear more of stories of starting a business.

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