Does age make us beautiful

A sense of humor, is to me, paramount to get through life’s bumps and scrapes, and therefore it was no real surprise that our Facebook post yesterday  got so many thumbs up. It epitomizes women’s ability to laugh at themselves, under the age old rule of, “as long as I say it its fine!”

As we get older and notice ever more lines and things heading south that really seem to drop overnight, there is also a wonderful kind of confidence that builds. Whether its a confidence born out of a declining regard for others opinions or a learnt behavior, maybe a course that helps you express yourself better, or learning about what clothes really work for you and which don’t! its really not important where that inner confidence comes from exactly, but that you enjoy it!

As the mother of two beautiful daughters, (subjective I know) I cant help but smile sometimes about the importance and urgency of life’s detail. Its not that it may well seem urgent and important, but reminds me of how far I have come and how most women, who might be stressed to hell in other areas of their lives but manage to learn not to sweat the small stuff quite so much. Is this age or is it necessity of too much juggling? Either way growing older certainly has its merits.

There is much debate on whether we should obliterate every line on our face, and chase the youth gravy train, but I for one think that age creates a beauty that reflects life lessons and experiences that make us more attractive from the inside, which is after all what really counts.

If you are struggling to let your inner beauty out why not look through our courses. The purpose of Id love to do that is to inspire women to learn new things, push the boundaries, and step outside of your life and do something just for you. Learn from other women who have walked this path. Check out the following, Be your best youOne to one Mentoring and there is nothing like the tonic of laughter. Tell us why you think getting older is great!

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