Jane Fonda… How does she do it?

At 73 most of us would think we would not worry quite so much, if we nip out to get the milk without a bit of lippy on.! In fact I do seem to be buying more “comfy” shoes lately! So how, at 73, does Jane Fonda look so fantastic, and shouldn’t we really be able to take our foot of the vanity pedal by this stage?

Ms Fonda openly admits to having some “help” in the beauty department, but what is probably more interesting here is her pursuit in having a very full and healthy mind as well as body. The circle of life always seems to bring us back round to the simpler things that matter, regardless of wealth.

So how does she stay on course?

Among her top tips this week in the Mail on Sunday she espouses the habits that we all know to be logically true, such as not abusing alcohol, sleep enough, not smoking, eating healthily. and keeping physically active.

The 3 golden rules that interested me more and resonated with my life efforts are:

1. Practice positivity…. What is positivity, as it can have connotations of some happy yoga camp!!

However, like most of life’s valuable lessons, the art of how to approach things with humor and gratitude takes time and practice. It’s certainly not going out in the pouring rain without your umbrella, and being positive about not getting wet, you will get drenched! It will save you washing your clothes though!

Its about learning to forgive, and practice the art of believing people have good intentions, but sometimes get it wrong. Perhaps most importantly its about surrounding yourself with people who also want to be forgiving and still have a playful nature, and who laugh lots. Choose your friends carefully.

2. Be honest with yourself…. Someone once told me we don’t get a nice clean sheet of paper to write down a plan for the rest of our lives. It has to contain all the crossed through bits and dog-eared pages. Take a long look at what you have done well in your life and what hasn’t gone so well. You cant change what has happened in other words, but you can give it new meaning for the way ahead, a positive spin on what you got from it. Resolve to do more for other people and spend time with your friends.. the good ones!

3. Keep learning…. Probably the most important one for me. If you stimulate your brain to new learning, it will make you feel alive. It’s a bit like taking a new route for walking the dog, its just more enjoyable!. If you do the same thing over and over your mind just switches off. Motivation and energy comes from challenging yourself to new things, learn anything new and keep learning! Some things you may like to try:

Learn a language

Learn how to dance

Learn to paint

Whatever you do… Do not stop learning!

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