Living in a bubble

When was the last time you thought about helping out at a charity event, doing a random act of kindness or watched Secret Millionaire and decided you would contribute in some way?

Did you follow through with that decision? The likely hood was you didn’t. That is not to say you didn’t have every intention but life somehow just got in the way.

It has always fascinated me how you meet people who seem to have relatively nothing themselves, yet seem, to give without question and always with a smile. The problem seems to me that we  live in a bubble, see the same friends, go to the same places and repeat the same patterns week on week. We are creatures of habit and crave certainty of a routine yet equally crave excitement and change. As we get older our fear of change, and reticence to learn new things can take over if we are not careful.

Usually, we have one of these, “I must live life to the full” moments when tragedy strikes around us, and we remember how fragile life is, and promptly book a holiday, remember that we were definitely going to learn to dance , take life a little less seriously and laugh more. However that resolve to live life to the full seems to pass quickly and before we know it we are back on the same course of working too hard, shouting a little too often at the kids and forgetting to breathe.

So, how do we remember everyday that life is a gift, and that we shouldn’t need tragedy or sadness to highlight how truly lucky most of us are.? I am not a religious person, but I do believe that the universe rewards all our behaviours, and to live by the rules of good integrity and kindness is a great start. Harbouring negativity only breeds more, however hard it is sometimes and to commit to do one random act of kindness a day makes life a sunnier place for everyone.

Lastly, I have a belief that if you are not growing you are dying and if you can afford it, learn at least 2 new skills a year, or challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and do something totally different.. At a minimum, brush your teeth with your other hand, it slows life down a little, and as a physical skill activates the other side of your brain!


Happy Learning!!



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