Marrying second time around?

With all the talk about love this week, I thought I should give my spin on relationship advice.

I wondered whether our ability to fall hopelessly in love fades as we get older, or is it that we do, but we just keep a sensible lid on things? As a mother of 3 all now nearly grown up and a very happy girlfriend to wonderfully loving boyfriend of 2 and a half years the questions are starting to come from both sides of the fence as to whether, if asked, I would want to walk done the aisle again. Which, by the way I didnt get to do the first time becasue my then husband to be couldn’t think of anything more scary!

As women become ever more independant, having children later and wanting to experience more things from life, time in your 40’s seems so much younger. The gap year I didn’t take as a youngster is definitely on my bucket list to do over the next few years – as are many more experiences I want to have.

Having just launched a business my time seems to be taken up more than ever before but I am happy with the balance of life. Will marriage add to that, and to the love I already have for my boyfriend? Probably not. The romantic notion of marriage does seem a little distant to me, although I would be lying to say I did not love the idea of a huge wedding day with all the people in our lives that mean so much more now that we are real grown ups.

To me love is far greater fun as you get older, and perhaps even more second time around except for those lucky few who managed to really get it right. You get to be really honest about who your are and what you both want. You are together for all the right reasons, and I for one am very lucky to be with my valentine tonight!

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