The secret of happiness

Happiness is a state of mind, some are born with a slightly sunnier disposition than others I believe, but ultimately we are in charge of our own thoughts…………or are we?
This year, I started a business and at the same time moved house and started a building project, (not my finest decision – the building, not the business!) and the stress that has been caused by both ventures has been horrendous at times.

However it has also been a fascinating journey of whether I can control my thought process to stay positive and on track. This is no easy thing to do of course and requires practice, its so much easier to have a good moan, and preferably to get your friends to agree with how bad things are and add their own stuff too! It would seem that focusing on what is not right needs no practice at all!

That’s all very well you say, but when life seems to come at you with a vengeance, how do you stop yourself from spiraling down the hole of worry, and negativity? The first step is to create some quiet. Not easy in a world that encourages noise at every turn through a mobile society. Nowadays you have to book in some quiet time, even if it’s 10 minutes in the morning before your day starts. Meditation always seemed a bit esoteric to me, something that people did who already seemed so relaxed they were horizontal, but actually there are some very simple things you can follow that will make a world of difference.

The second important factor is to listen to your inner chat. If your default is to jump to a negative conclusion about most things then you need to guard against letting those negative pictures and voices rule you. It’s not a question of not being realistic, it’s about seeing things as they are not as you THINK they will be. We often worry and fret long ahead of anything actually happening. The best way to counter balance this is by being grateful for what good there is in your life. This could be anything from the people around you who love you, for me it’s often my children, it could be the amazing things you have learnt in your life, or material things that you value and gain pleasure from, and so much more.

The third and final simple trick is to exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk. There is a physiological aspect that changes your dopamine (happy hormones) when you exercise. This is a scientific fact, so a pretty useful and simple one to use, even if you are time short. We all get caught up in life’s fast pace, but we can make time if we plan it in.

Have I got all these things right now? NO! I need more practice that’s for sure, but the passion of learning for me is why I started Id love to do that, so learning new habits and making them stick is worth the effort when I look at the collection of courses and experiences that we have been fortunate enough to gather. In addition I believe “good stuff in, good stuff out,” so try and read or listen to people who have practised happiness and can help you focus on what is great in your life.

2 thoughts on “The secret of happiness

  1. I find that I have to “work” on being positive and keeping a healthy mindset. I appreciate your post on happiness, as I find that no matter how hard I try or how much I want to accomplish, if I don’t focus on me then all else is counterproductive. Stay happy!

    • Thanks for your comment. I find the real trick is to listen to your inner voice really carefully, as its not so much about “trying’ to be happy its about being grateful for what is good, and asking a better internal question. “How lucky am I that this thing in my life is so good?” It is practise, and spending time with people who think in a healthy way too I think. Still not easy but definitely doable. Good Luck!

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