3 ways to fight being just “OK”

I will never just settle for ok, not that we all need to go out and conquer the world, but “OK” is definitely not ok. I took up the Pole Vault at 32, not because this would advance my career, or make me more entertaining at dinner parties, (although I have to say it did!!) I took it up because I was presented with an opportunity to try it, and was open enough to take it on.

It spun off a 10 year passion that resulted in 3 Gold Medals representing Great Britain.

What is the point of me telling you this? Am I suggesting that we all need to  rush out and take up some weird and wonderful activity? No, although would love to hear your story if you have!! My focus is on why we must fight the inertia of settling for how things are.

This is not about money or opportunity, it’s about having an open enough mind to take the chance when it comes. These are my 3 reasons why you must “fight the settle”

1) Get out of your comfort zone!! Mixing with the same friends, going to the same places results in the same outcome. Be brave as my 4 year old use to say, go online find an interest in common with a local meet up group and go!

2) Don’t ask your friends and family what you should do!! They have your best intentions, that is true, but they are also held by the same imaginary constraints as you. Read a book, an article, any inspirational piece of media and then do something about taking action in your own life.

3) Ask yourself a better question. We are the sum total of the questions we ask ourselves, should I eat that donut, can I be bothered to go to the gym, will I fit in??? STOP!!!!!!! Our questions invariably set us up to a negative result. Should I eat that donut will often result in a “No, but I am going to eat it anyway!” The result is you gave yourself a question that was going to end up either eating something nutritionally rubbish or focusing on why you are already over weight and this will add to the depression about it!  what about…. What could I eat to make me feel fantastic? Donut dilemma gone!

I once was told that there are 3 times more negative words in the dictionary than positive, and I can well believe it. Which is why we have to guard our internal language with our lives, and focus on what is great. At one period when I was married, things were extremely tough financially and I remember commenting to my husband that at least we weren’t deepening our laughter lines, there is always a silver lining!

Do not settle for just OK!!

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