Taking Action

I have been accused of being too positive, which I have classically always taken as a positive!! It’s true that it’s no use ignoring the weeds in the garden as they will take over if you let them, but equally we must be brave enough to take action and make life happen if we really want change.

Part of the challenge of taking action is by the time we are 30 we have pretty much decided what we are good at, and a long list of what we are not good at. We have taken what our junior school teacher said, that we had no rhythm and definitely decided she knew best and took that label firmly on board. We also remembered a boyfriend we were once in love with that commented on how rubbish our maths was, and he definitely knew better.

We take these labels on far to easily and are unbelievably good at hanging onto them too! So half of what comes our way as opportunity has to first get through a long check list of “can i” “Am i good enough” type chat before we even stop to consider the challenges of actually taking that action.

Along with labels and limitations also comes an unwillingness to even dare to dream to have x or do y. So, it’s not enough that it has to be really in reach, definitely within what we perceive as capable of doing, it also has to fit in with what your junior teacher, mother father, boyfriend and any other influential people in your younger years said you “could” do.

Sadly its our unconscious processes that get in the way of the NIKE “just do it”  and we bumble along for the most part never questioning those very false limitations. So can we do anything about it?

Yes!! you can. When someone asks you next would you like to….. Take your time to answer, ask yourself, “How would I feel doing this and completing    it?” Let the feeling of that experience sink in a bit, feel it, see it in your mind’s eye and see yourself really happy doing it. If you can imagine it then you  can do it! If it makes you yawn then it’s probably a no!

If you are thinking about starting a business, imagine how you would feel when it’s really successful, designing the life you want, at least allow yourself to think its possible rather than slam dunking the idea in the first 20 seconds.

Ask yourself what are you good at, write it down then write down what you are not good at. then take a pen and write underneath why for each. Make sure you give as many reasons as possible why you are just great at some things.

At the end ask a friend, without showing them your list,  to tell you what they think you are not good at. Then ask him/her to tell you HOW you could be better at “it” . They will then proceed to tell you how to improve.

NOTHING is impossible and you can create your own destiny, but you have to believe it first. 

Good Luck and let me know how you got on, it’s an interesting exercise to do!

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