A Truly Inspirational Publication!

A Truly Inspirational Publication!

“If Audrey Hepburn started a magazine it would be Darling” These days getting investors to back an idea is very difficult, getting anyone to believe in yet another woman’s magazine I would have thought near to impossible! However this team of truly inspirational women have managed to raise funds on Kickstarter and launch a magazine for women that has depth, integrity and is hugely engaging. Their success is down, in part ,to stunning photography and a strong case to question the ideals that seem to surround us as women, ideals and expectations  that we feel the need to live up to.

Over 70 contributors have helped in the creation of Darling, and was two years in the making. I believe it is a triumph for the women of today that they have not only succeeded to produce a publication that is truly stunning but that  will inspire women to take comfort in nurturing their own souls, and march to their own beat.

Darling Magazine – Print Edition Kickstarter Campaign from Steve Dubbeldam on Vimeo.

It manages to focus on common areas such as fashion, but celebrates and encourages the desire for individuality,  and our own personal style. They have 6 personas in all that seems to cover something in everyone’s make up. In her article “Jump start the New Year” Nicole Zowoski talks about finding a peace in your life, but not in an esoteric fluffy way, she manages to offer real advice without the usual condescending diatribe of platitudes we are so used to in the mainstream magazines. You know the type of article, “Start your new year by writing down 10 goals etc etc” The same boring advice we read every year, and every year fail to do, as soon as January is over, if we are lucky. The reason is because it doesn’t speak to us as individuals, it is a herd mentality, which unless we our personally touched will unlikely make a true difference in our lives.

I for one would like to applaud Darling as an outstanding magazine visually but as important is their refreshing and redefining way to speak to women and help them be who they really are, bravo!!


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