Why is my dog making me feel its time the kids moved out!

Just recently on my birthday, I got a very lovely surprise, which is the kind of surprise that makes you feel delighted and damn right scared all in the same moment. A beautiful little puppy arrived, care of my boyfriend and children. Having had great danes before,  this little bundle of fluff is a very different ball game.

I would say I was never a “soppy” mum, or one to coo over babies. In fact I much preferred it when my children were a little older and I could do things with them. Quite contented with my  no nonsense approach to parenting, and all three of mine have seemed to turn out ok, it has come as a complete shock to me then that  with the arrival of a little pup, I have become a ridiculous soppy “mum” . Not only do I find myself  showing photos of my puppy to everyone, when he is not glued to my side, but the love that I have for him is really quite alarming!!

What is it that makes a reasonably sane, balanced and independent woman become so hopelessly in love with what can only be described as a ball of fluff! Albeit  the cutest ball of fluff ever!!!


Strangely enough, I think it has something to do with my children! After 23 years of raising children, juggling many balls, and as most mums, generally being as selfless as possible, the time is coming when I get to indulge me a little., dare I say it even to be a incy bit selfish! The empty nest syndrome is something I am looking forward to right now, not that I don’t love my children of course but there definitely comes a point, when after the 1000’th time of asking if someone could unload the dishwasher without being expressly asked to do so becomes a tad tedious!

You begin to ever so slightly resent watching your grown up daughter hoovering the last yogurt in the fridge, washed down with the last of the milk and leave the crumbs from the late night toast on the work top. It seems churlish to get annoyed about such tiny things, and it isn’t the price of the yoghurt or that it will only take me 2 minutes to clean up the breadcrumbs, it’s just that I think I have done my bit and whilst I love them to bits and appreciate I am very lucky to have 3 great kids, I am also craving a time when they can have their own homes and come round as much as they like!

I want to be able to spend time in the evening on the net looking at sites that speak to me like this one Fabulous at 40, not watching yet another young girl in tears because she hasn’t been chosen for another 2 minute stardom show. That’s where my little puppy comes in. It’s true that they chew things and toilet training is a challenge, but this little puppy just cuddles into me and is so undemanding that I cant help but absolutely adore him.

I’m sure when my kids do finally move out, I will miss them, but right now my dog and I  are very happy!

Kimberly Rothman


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