I am a woman, an entrepreneur and the mother of three….

I blog about my experiences, my challenges and my biggest passion: Empowering women all over the world to push their boundaries and become who they really are.

I recently launched my new adventure:  www.idlovetodothat.com  ( read the story below)

I look forward to sharing with you my stories and to get to know you.

Kimberly Rothman.

About I’d Love To do That

It was a chance meeting at a funeral that set in motion the events that led Kimberly Rothman, CEO and founder of I’d Love To Do That, to grow from a mother and wife into a athletic champion and business mogul. It was there she met pole vault coach, who convinced her to try out for BBC 1’s then upcoming show, Body Heat, as a pole vaulter. Kimberly describes herself at 25 as “bringing up three children, doing bits and pieces, but nothing focused”, so at 32, when she met and six weeks later tried out for Body Heat, it was a new direction for her. She recalls she had her reservations, thinking “I’m 32, I’m a bit old for pole vaulting”, but thought she’d give it a go. As it turned out, she ended up winning the show. This is when Kimberly says her personal motto emerged, that “you’ve got to give it a go”.

After winning the competition, she went on to pole vault for three years, and this was to be the start of a string of athletic achievements for Kimberly. After winning silver at the British National Championships in pole vaulting, she switched to the long jump at 35, and won several national medals. Kimberly said:

“Many times I thought, what am I doing this for? I wasn’t doing it for any money, but doing it instead to be better.”

By 37 she’d qualified for the commonwealth trials representing Scotland, and at 40 was  attending the European Championships in Sweden, returning with a Gold medal under her belt. Later that year she was at the World Championships, where she won Gold again, and came home, hung up her spikes and thought, “Oh, I’ve done it. I’ve got Gold, you can’t do much better than that.” She describes that time of her life with,

“It’s amazing how when you’re stretching your physical and mental limits it makes you feel so alive. Every day was a challenge.”

So it’s no surprise that a mere three years later she decided she wasn’t quite finished, and turned to the Heptathlon, training for nine months before going to the World Championships in Finland. For Kimberly, crossing the finish line with her three children cheering her on from the side was the proudest moment of her life.

After a year, Kimberly found herself searching for something else that could be as engaging and challenging, and that was what sparked the idea for her online business, I’d Love To Do That.

She found typing “self-development” into Google brought up cluttered pages of courses, but with nothing that relevant to her, saying “It was cold, very corporate, and didn’t speak to me.”

Kimberly wanted a place where you could find a course that made you say, “that’s people like me, and I’d love to do that.”

It wasn’t around, so she thought “I’ll build one myself”. So with a telephone and a landing page she started contacting companies for courses that made her think “I’d Love To Do That”, and so the name and concept of the business was born. Simply put, “I’d Love To Do That” is an online site featuring a collection of workshops and experiences handpicked by Kimberly and her team. They go out of the way to guarantee the courses’ quality and dedication to creating an engaging and challenging experience for participants, speaking to the owners and often sending their own team members to test courses themselves. As Kimberly says:

“The coach that trained me was passionate to the very core, and I wanted people that were passionate about their courses. I want courses that feed your soul”

And the site certainly seems to have succeeded! Growing every day, visitors to will find courses to suit every taste, with cooking in Tuscany, stone carving and self-confidence workshops being just a small selection of what’s on offer.

Kimberly Rothman Athletics Story from Idlovetodothat on Vimeo.

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